What is Discord?

Discord is a free software for connecting with other people online. Originally designed for gamers to engage in voice conversations and build community around games, it now also serves as a secure way to meet new friends online in a community space that is moderated by the members of the community. If you have never tried it, give it a spin. It works via web browser or through applications on PC, IOS, or Android.

What to expect?

Friendly Chat

We try to focus on light hearted friendly chat. Bullying or harrassment is prohibited.

Fair Moderation

We like to describe our moderation team as chill. Just treat people as you would like to be treated.

Ranked Status

Members who stick around and chat will automatically rank up. Ranked users have more abilities and rights.

Limited Notifications

We don't bug people with pings to encourage activity. You can opt in to pingable roles if you wish.

Clubs & Events

We encourage meetups and forming clubs centered around hobbies and interest.

User Safety

Discord allows users age 13+. We maintain a family friendly approach and try to educate all users to be mindful of online safety.

To join the discord, you will be sent to DiscordMe where you will click the "Join Server" button to be sent to discord. This is done this way to generate a unique invite for each new user and prevent abuse.